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3.57sListen, I'm on your side. Let's get a dialogue going.
3.72sTake out the mother cow. The rest will follow.
2sYour corporation cuts down the rain forest...
1.95sto create grazing land for cattle.
2.64sOh, for the love of-- Gimme that!
1.89sNo, you can't!
4.1sDon't worry, honey. They're just firing beanbags.
2.38sHey, watch it! You can't silence the truth with beanbags!
2.12sThat's nice work with the "bag-zooka."
2.67sGotta love what you do, Chief. Mmm, mmm.
0.65sAre you all right?
1.8sI've had worse.
2.85sIn New Orleans, they hosed us with Tabasco.
2.19sOh, you're so heroic.
1.88sAll right, cow boy.
2.9sI'll see you in "moo-nicipal" court.
2.64sGood one, Chief. What? What'd I say?
2.95sI can't believe how young he is.
2.27sHe'd be cute if he weren't so idealistic.