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1.59sHow was that, Dr. Ditty?
1.68sYo, that sounds smooth, y'all.
1.76sI just have a--
2.47sGod, I'm so sorry. I keep doing that.
1.97sGod, please forgive me.
2.83sI get that from my father. He's from a different generation.
1.83s- It's-- - Whatever, man.
3.33s- We cool? We good? - Yeah, we're cool. Fine.
3.44sMr. Doctor? If you get shot in a rap feud...
2.76scan you perform surgery on yourself?
3.03sWell, no, Chris. My degree's in optometry.
1.09sAll right, Dr. Ditty.
1.99sI got three choices for you for the name of the band:
3.37sPeter Griffin Starship, Peter Griffin and the Sunday Steppers...
2.09sor Testicular Sound Express.
1.93sI think the name is Meg.
0.13sMe? Why?
1.93sYeah, why?
1.87sLet me explain something to you, all right?
3.4sWe got to get her half-naked and put her out front, center stage.
2.16sAnd that's gonna make y'all billionaires...
3.6sbecause America loves hot, white jailbait ass.