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3.73sYou're such a good listener. You're not like the other boys.
2.09sYou're so good with animals.
3.27sI guess I could give it a try. All right, here goes.
1.33sHi, Craig.
2.33sI was wondering if maybe you'd want to....
2.2sI don't know, go out sometime.
3.56sThat's about as likely as me playing by someone else's rules besides my own...
1.56swhich I would never do.
2.49sI play by my own rules, nobody else's.
1.16sNot even my own.
2.47sundefinedHow about a movie? " don't go out with dudes.
2.25sMom, Dad, am I ugly?
1.78sOf course not, sweetie.
2.06sYeah, where'd you get a stupid idea like that?
0.95sCraig Hoffman.
1.71sCraig Hoffman said that?
2.8sWell, he's a sharp kid. You might be ugly.