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4.23sComing up next, Joan Rivers speaks to us from beyond the grave.
2.09sBut first, let's go to the Ouahog Mega-Mall...
1.97swhere Asian correspondent Tricia Takanawa...
1.4sis handing out makeovers.
1.26sThat's right, Tom.
2.49sSome lucky hideous woman will be transformed...
4.06sby our makeover magicians into someone of value to society.
2.66sMeg, that's it. You could get a makeover.
2.2sThat'd be just the thing to boost your confidence.
2.97sMiss Takanawa! Miss Takanawa!
1.43sOver here!
3.9sMy daughter needs a makeover like there's no freaking tomorrow.
2.23sIt looks like we've got a winner, Tom.
1.39sFace it, The Clam is doomed.
2.11sCome on, guys. we can't give up now.
4.37sPeter, we've tried every theme we could think of and everything's failed.