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1.99sHorace, what is this all about?
2.87sWhat the hell's it look like? I'm putting the bar up for sale.
2.16sPlease tell me this is some kind of practical joke.
2.76sLike the kind I used to play when I was an intern at the hospital.
3.27sI'm afraid I have some very bad news. Your wife's gonna be a vegetable.
3.73sYou'll have to bathe her, feed her and care for her the rest of her life.
1.33sOh, my God.
1.83sNo, I'm just kidding. She's dead.
2.4sEver since that mega-mall opened across the street...
1.66sit's been taking away all my business.
2.63sThey got 300 stores, 200 restaurants...
2.23s53 bars, and an indoor cattle ranch.
3.53sI go to Baskin-Robbins every night and buy myself a little treat.
2.23sNow, how in the hell am I supposed to compete with that?
1.47sYou need to fix the place up.