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3.13sundefinedA rare miss. " don't think that was a sketch, Peter.
2.97sMom, Dad, he used me for comedy.
1.13sWait a minute.
2.26sAre you telling me that my daughter was deflowered...
2.56sin front of one-and-a-half times the Mad TVaudience?
1.26sMy poor baby.
1.7sMy God, Lois, you were right.
1.87sWhy the hell didn't I see it coming?
4.13sAll right, stand aside. It's about time I did my fatherly duty.
2.53sI said "duty." but no time to laugh about it now.
2.26sHey, everybody, it's great to be back.
1.97sSo we got a great show tonight and--
2.73sHey, Fallon, say goodnight, you bum.
2.26sAnd this is for laughing and looking at the camera...
1.56sduring every sketch you've ever been in.
2.03sWho do you think you are? Carol Burnett?
2.94sYou think because she did it, it's okay for you?
2.53sYou haven't earned what she's earned, buddy.
2.3sAll right, now where's the guy who slept with my daughter?
2.3sI'm so glad to be the real me again.
2.09sIt's too much work being beautiful.