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2.7sThat was everything Ladies Home Journal said it would be.
1.87sAwesome, great, thanks.
2.37sYou know, there's something I....
1.49sThere's something I gotta tell you.
3.2sBeing with you just made me feel so.... Live from New York...
1.9sit' s Sa turda y Nigh t!
2.49sTV HOST: It's Saturday Night Live.
1.47sOh, my God.
2.26sYeah, that wasn't a very good opening sketch, was it?
3.13sundefinedA rare miss. " don't think that was a sketch, Peter.
2.97sMom, Dad, he used me for comedy.
1.13sWait a minute.
2.26sAre you telling me that my daughter was deflowered...
2.56sin front of one-and-a-half times the Mad TVaudience?
1.26sMy poor baby.
1.7sMy God, Lois, you were right.
1.87sWhy the hell didn't I see it coming?
4.13sAll right, stand aside. It's about time I did my fatherly duty.