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3.23sStewie and I have been working on some stuff of our own.
3.83sAnd we thought there might be a place for us to sing on the next album.
2.37sHey, cool. You're busy. No sweat.
2.16sBoy, Benson was a funny show.
1.02sI'II talk to you later.
1.68sWell, what did he say?
2.43sHe said he'd think about it. Okay, so where were we?
3.2sf want to have intercourse with you
2.16sIntercourse with you
1.37sBela tions.
2.87sIntercourse with you
1.83s- Right? - Yeah. No, great, that sounds good.
1.52sAll right, groovy.
1.99sNow, is there a shorter word for intercourse?