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2.49sDeath, there is no way Peter can do your job.
1.45sHe could never kill anyone.
2.05sYeah! I mean, you know, I've thought about it,
3.62syou know, like in church and stuff but I don't think I could ever do what you do.
1.37sWHy? You think you're better than me?
1.68sI'm tired of always being the bad guy.
1.33sWhat I do has to be done.
2.89sHe's right, Peter. You've disturbed the natural order of things.
1.6sPeople need to be able to die.
1.88sYou kNow, a-Actually, I-- I think I'm gonna be ok.
1.33sOh, Jack.
2.5sNow we can get married and everything you promised.
1.33sYeah, about that,
2.94suh, I was pretty sure I was gonna die, uh,
1.97s'cause, actually, th-there's this girl in New York,
1.8sand it's--it's getting kinda serious.
2.77sBut... You know, thanks for letting me draw you naked.
2.6sI still can't believe you let me do that!
4.1sSo, what, You're saying the only way to make the world right is for me to kill someonE?