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2.37sBut, uh, you owe me, if you get my drift.
3.1sWhat the hell are you doing? I was talking about another fruit cup.
1.38sNot bad, though.
2.9sPeter, Death just agreed to let you live.
1.62sOh, man. This really is my night.
1.82sI get to live, and I'm on T.V.
0.97sOur top story tonight,
1.8sthe rules of death no longer apply.
1.28sThat's right, Tom.
2.42sOur own Asian reporter, Trisha Takanawa,
2.57sfiled this report, all by herself!
1.62sI'm here with Peter Griffin,
5.07sthe man who claims he withstood a barrage of bullets and did not die.
5sPeter, are you saying that if I shoot you in the head with this Channel 5 pistol,
2.14syou'll be completely unharmed?
1.8sWhy don't you, uh, give it a shot?
1.87sOk, here goes.