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3.22sYOu know, Peter is a good man and a wonderful father.
1.33sHere it comes.
3.05sCould-- Could you please find it in your heart to spare him?
2.45sAfter all, i-it isn't really his timE.
1.67sWhat did you make this cocoa out of, crap?
2.47sIf you want me to make it again, I--
1.57sSorry, Lois. I-it's my fault.
3.14sI just assumed you were gonna make it with milk, not crap!
1.55sI'll be right back.
1.23sI brought you something to rEAd.
1.3sOH, Glamour, great.
1.6sI can learn how to please my man.
1.53sGo get me an Entertainment Weekly.
3.07sI hear it's got a great picture of me sneaking up on Tom Snyder.