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1.9sHey, uh, Make yourself at home, Death.
1.7sI'm, uh, I'm going out for a little while.
1.05sHEy, wAiT, Wait.
1.33sYou can't tell anyone I'm here.
3.62sFor if humanity discovers I'm no longer lurking in the shadows,
2.15sconsequences will be dirE.
1sGo on.
1.48sThat's it.
1.33sWhat the hell do you see in him?
1.5sPeter, where are you going?
2.94sLois, 10 minutes ago, I was staring Death in the face.
1.83sBut Now that I've been given another chance,
3.42sI'm gonna do the one thing I've always dreamed of doing.
2.02sI'm gonna jump off this building.
1.9sCould you repeat that, please, Peter?
2.14sI believe I had something crazy in my ear.
1.07sWai--wait, Hold the phone.
4.55sYou took me away from a Swedish girlie-girl and her paralyzed, but trusting, cousin for this?
1.33s$1,000 says I live.
1.13sA thousand clams, huh?