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3sYeah. That felt good, dropping me hard on the couch like that.
1.67sHere's A couple of Tylenol.
1.85sOH, Great. Tylenol. Yeah, I asked for Advil.
2.04sBut, you know, tylenol, whatever. That's good.
1.13sI got a B-plus in Health.
1.27sIs there anything I can do?
3.79sYEAH. Why don't you boil some water and rip up some sheets there, Einstein.
1.27sIt's a sprained anklE.
1.57sI just have to stay off it for a few days.
1.5sW-w-waiT, you can't stay herE.
0.9sWhy noT?
1.32sYou're trying to kill me!
2.37sBesides, how are we supposed to explain you to Mr. Roper?
1.38sOh, It's ok, Death.
2.07sYou just worry about feelin' better.
1.27sLois, What the hell are you doing?
1.57sPeter, don't you see?
2.79sAs long as he's here, you can't diE.
0.85sGo on.
1.42sThat's iT.
2.77sWait a minute. So no matter what I do, I won't die?
1.9sHey, uh, Make yourself at home, Death.
1.7sI'm, uh, I'm going out for a little while.
1.05sHEy, wAiT, Wait.
1.33sYou can't tell anyone I'm here.
3.62sFor if humanity discovers I'm no longer lurking in the shadows,
2.15sconsequences will be dirE.
1sGo on.