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2.97sOH, I made a mistake, huh? Then What do you call thIS?
1.9sPeter, is that your handwriting?
1.72sHow did you get that?
1.8sIT was e-mailed to me by your H.M.O.
1.85sLook, I know my doctor was hitting on me,
1.52sbut you don't have to call him names.
0.85sI don't care what that says!
1.55sYou can't take my husband!
3sMother! Where are your manners? Don't argue with our gueST!
1.32sWon't you join us for dinner, DEATH?
1.57sOh, no. I don't want to bE A boTher.
0.83sHey, Is that turkey?
1.2sYes, Death.
2.08sWe were in the middle of a turkey dinner,
2.29sto celebrate Peter's good health.
1sOH, Do you mind?
2.05sMind? Of course she wouldn't mind.
1.37sIt would be an honor.
1.9sNo, no, no, No. it would be a privilege. I-- Oh, dear.
2sListen to me prattling on like a schoolgirl.
1.28sCome, come.
2.72sYou, heat up some gravy for our guest!
2.82sMy last helping of white meat was drier than Oscar Wilde.
1.5sew, How did you do that?
2.1sOh, wEll, uH, Let's just say, when I was younger,