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2.92sWhy are you here? The doctor said Peter was ok.
1.95sOH, The doctor! Well, I guess he must know, right?
3.55sI mean, he's a doctor and everything, and, uh, I'm just, uh, Death!
2.95sExcuse me. Hello! I'm Stewie. Big fan.
1.27sLook, Death, you made a mistake.
1.5sI'm not really supposed to be deaD.
2.97sOH, I made a mistake, huh? Then What do you call thIS?
1.9sPeter, is that your handwriting?
1.72sHow did you get that?
1.8sIT was e-mailed to me by your H.M.O.
1.85sLook, I know my doctor was hitting on me,
1.52sbut you don't have to call him names.
0.85sI don't care what that says!
1.55sYou can't take my husband!
3sMother! Where are your manners? Don't argue with our gueST!