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2.1sWill you just tell us about Peter's tests?
3.07sOk, Ok. Mr. Griffin, all your tests came back negative.
3.2sAs it turns out, the lump on your chest was just a fatty corpuscle.
1.17sFatty corpuscle?
4.99sWait a minute. How the hell can a dead comedian from the silent movie era be lodged in my left bosom?
1.72sMr. Griffin, I'm saying you're fine.
2.32sI'm fine? What? Are you coming on to me now?
2.08sPeter, he's not coming on to you.
2.03sHe's trying to tell you that you're healthy.
1.17sCan't it be both?
1.92sOh, My sweetie is ok.
1.48saw, Better than ok, Lois.
3.14sFrom now on, I'm gonna appreciate all the little things in life,
1.82slike you and the kids.
2.85sWhoah, whoah, whoah, Is this the price of my bill or my phone number?
1.75sUh, Your phone number.
2.1sWE--wEll, It's still pretty pricey!