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3.44sHey, What the hell? I told you to waste those Kids from Dawson's Creek.
2.19sYou're missing the most important thing here.
3.04sYou said you wanted everyone to know the rules of death apply.
1.47sAnd, Now the whole world does.
0.98sYEAH, I guess so.
1.9sYou know, My ankle's starting to feel better.
1.8sI should probably get outta your hair.
1.62sOh, But you just got here!
2.7sOh, We can stay in touch, can't we? Oh--oh--oh, What's your e-mail?
1.93sMine is "loismustdie," all one word,
1.7sW-w-w-Wait a second. Death?
3.54sI, uh, I used to fear ya, but now I'm glad we met.
1.73sBecause you've given me a great gift.
1.7sThe complete Boz Scaggs.
1.2sHow did you know?
1.63sI just had a feeling.
1.28sWe're gonna miss you, Death.
1.2sHey, Don't worry.
2.17sI'll be back. really, really soon.
1.32sIs he joking?