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1.27sHey, Open up in there!
2.27sHey, What are you doing? You're not a pilot.
1.64sI know every pilot in the world!
1.68sI'm here to keep you from making an error.
2sA pilot error.
2.2sJeez, I probably shoulda worn mittenS!
1.43sNice going, fat--
1.97sHey, hey, I was just trying to save your lives.
1.33sBut now you're all gonna die.
1.7sThere's No one who can land this plane.
1.03sI can.
2.5sThank God! It's Karen Black!
2.3sShe landed a busted plane in Airport '75?
1.48sIt was a movie in the '70s.
2.47sAh, You damn kids with your music.
1.6sBoth of the pilots were killed.
1.79sBut Fortunately for the other passengers,
5.07sactress Karen Black star of such films as Nashville and 5 Easy Pieces, was on board.
4.04sOur Hats are off to Miss Black for proving once again that, given the opportunity,
3.57sactresses over 50 can land large aircraft.
2.03sKaren Black. What an obscure referencE!
3.44sHey, What the hell? I told you to waste those Kids from Dawson's Creek.