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1.99sfor a teacher, you sure make love good.
1.43sActually, it's "well," Pacey.
2.35sYou mean to say, I make love "well."
1.4sYou're good to go again, right?
1.13sOh, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah...
1.53sPeter? Hello, Peter?
1.85sPeter, are you there? I can hear you breathing?
1.95sYeah, I'm here. And you can forget it.
1.3sI've changed my mind.
1.47sI don't care if you do kill me,
1.5sI'm not gonna kill those kids.
2.84sIf they die, I'll have nothing to watch on Wednesdays...
2.37sother than the fine programs on Fox.
1.27sHey, Open up in there!
2.27sHey, What are you doing? You're not a pilot.
1.64sI know every pilot in the world!
1.68sI'm here to keep you from making an error.
2sA pilot error.
2.2sJeez, I probably shoulda worn mittenS!
1.43sNice going, fat--