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1s- still mE. - OH.
2.97sYes? Just kiddin', it's still me.
3.35sWe now begin our final approach into Los Angeles international.
1.93sif you look out the window to your right,
1.27syou'll see the San Fernando Valley,
3.14swhere my brother Gary makes a very nice living directing porn.
1.98sWe'll be on the ground in 10 minuteS.
1.17sAw, jeez.
8.06sWe like being alive, we like being alive We like being, oh, we like being, oh, we like being alive I guess it's their time.
6.26sI don't wAnna wait For our livEs to be over Boy, miss jacobs,
1.99sfor a teacher, you sure make love good.
1.43sActually, it's "well," Pacey.
2.35sYou mean to say, I make love "well."
1.4sYou're good to go again, right?
1.13sOh, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah...
1.53sPeter? Hello, Peter?
1.85sPeter, are you there? I can hear you breathing?