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1.13sWill you sign my ass?
0.9sDo You have a pen?
3.32sHello-- Hello, Death? Guess where I'm calling from?
1.64sA planE!
1.92sThat's great. LisTen, those kids on board?
0.72sYeah. Uh, uh...
1.3sA-About that, I--
1.6sI don't think I can go through with iT.
1.62sPeter, listen, without death,
2.1sthe world would be a terrible place.
2.69sImagine a world where Hitler was still alive.
4.84sToday on Hitler, we'll be talking with Hollywood hunk Christian Slater.
1.58sNow, they tell me in your next movie,
1.6swe get to see your butt.
1.5sYEs, uh, Yes, you do.
1.55sCan--Can we see it right now?
1.97sUm, welL, uh...
0.9sHA, All right, HITLER.
1.47sOh, oh! He's going to do it!
3.77sif you're going to be in the los angeLes areA and would like tickets to Hitler,
2.37scall 213-du werdest eine Krankenschwester brauchen!
1.97sLook, Peter. all you gotta do is sit there.
2.18sThe plane is gonna crash in L.A.
3.37sPilot error. Big mess. Everybody dies.
1.05sJeez, everybody?
1.03sExcept you.
2.1sHold on, I'm getting another call. Brenda?