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1.07sHey, Nice plant.
2.67sNote to self, do not go to the bathrooM.
2.5sLook, James, your last movie was killer at the box office.
1.5sYour q-rating is through the roof.
1.17sIt's time we ditched the W.B.
1.47sand concentrate on features.
1.3ssir, I don't know who you are,
3.8sbut just because you're sitting across from me doesn't mean you can give me career advice.
1.13sWill you sign my ass?
0.9sDo You have a pen?
3.32sHello-- Hello, Death? Guess where I'm calling from?
1.64sA planE!
1.92sThat's great. LisTen, those kids on board?
0.72sYeah. Uh, uh...
1.3sA-About that, I--
1.6sI don't think I can go through with iT.
1.62sPeter, listen, without death,
2.1sthe world would be a terrible place.
2.69sImagine a world where Hitler was still alive.
4.84sToday on Hitler, we'll be talking with Hollywood hunk Christian Slater.