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1.73sI know. WhY don't you kill Lois?
1.77sNo. One death isn't gonna do it.
3.64sYou're gonna have to do something that will get everyone's attention, something huge.
1.82sHow about if you blow up the earTH?
2.18sToo huge. But you're thinking. I like that.
2.03sYou could kill all the girls who are prettier than me.
1.55sWEll, That would just leave England.
1.17sWait. Wait. I have it.
1.33sI'm a genius.
2.77sYou'll kill the kids from Dawson's Creek!
2.5sI knew it! I knew it. As soon as that show came on the air, I said,
2.04s"I'm gonna be the one who has to kill these kidS."
1.95sIt's true. He did say it.
1.4sA buncH of Hot young celebrities.
1.83sIt's perfect!
1.32sThe kids are on their way to L.A.
1.5sto renegotiate their contract.
1.33sBut. Ha, ha, ha.
3.64sBut their plane is gonna be making a little stopover in Rhode IslanD.
1.6sIf you go right now, you can catch the flight.
1.23sForgEt iT, dEath.
1.37sI'm not gonna do your dirty work.
1.85sThere's no way I'm getting on that plane.
3.12sAbsolutely no way, and that's final.