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2.56sRelax, Mom. I'm having a great time.
2.9s- You people knocked me off the modem. - When are you coming home?
1.37sHow's the food in South America?
1.99sDo the women there have exposed clitterati?
3.53sI'll be home in a month, after people have forgotten I'm a freshman.
2.56sWell.... Please, just take care of yourself, honey.
1.76sHey guys. ls everyone on the phone?
1.37s" got to go. Something's in the oven.
2.26s" lost a shoe. Don't leave me on phone with her!
2.49s- Stewie? - Hey.
3.3s- How's school? - Hi, Stewie.
2.4sListen, I am swamped...
2.87sbut Mom has kept me up to date on everything you're doing...
3.3sand I think it's just great. Hanging up now.
3.06sBoy, this place sure has changed since Pawtucket Pat sold it.
2.09sSo, this is where you'll be working, Mr. Griffin.
3.9sOh, and I should mention, employees are welcome to free Pawtucket Ale.
2.33sWe just ask that you don't drink during your shift.
1.93s- That won't be a problem, sir. - Great.
1.97sI'll be right back with your ID badge.