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1.9sMAN: On the next episode ofDeadwood.
2.23sundefinedAnything yet? Wo, you?
0.99sMAN: Next Deadwood.
1.87sChris, what're you all dressed up for?
4.1sThese are my back-to-school clothes. I start high school tomorrow.
3.16sOh, boy. You better watch out for the Freshman Hunt.
4.03sYeah. That's where seniors hunt down freshmen and nail them with paddles.
3.37sMan, remember how much that was, beating those freshmen silly?
0.99sOh, yeah.
1.9sYou're not serious, are you?
3.73sChris, I'm just as serious as I was when I saw Paul Reiser do standup.
3.7sWhat's the deal with airline food? I mean, is this stuff bad or what?
2.2sWell, that's not nice. Those chefs work really hard.
2.94sAnd what's with those Starbucks, huh? They're everywhere.