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2.53sPeter, Chris ran off to South America.
1.9sWell, where the hell would he get an idea like that?
3.49sWait a second. Don't we know someone who was in the Peace Corps?
2.87sYeah, who was that? Was that Beau Bridges?
2.26s- Do we know Beau Bridges? - No, we don't.
2.83sI am positive we know somebody who was in the Peace Corps.
2.13sLook, it's me, all right. He got the idea from me.
2.59sBrian, what the hell is wrong with you?
0.99sI didn't do it on purpose.
2.7sAnd before you fly off the handle, you may want to think about it.
2.2sThe kid's obviously confused. This might be good for him.
1.93sPeople do crazy things when they're confused.
2.26sLike the time my agent dropped that bomb on me.
2.84sNo one in this town will hire you.
0.57sOh, yeah?