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3.6sLook closely at his sinewy muscular form and unusual vitality.
4.87sft is a thrill to watch him dig a ditch or mr a jug of water or participate in a hunt.
1.59sCut. Print. Gay.
1.09sWhat's going on?
3.53sPeter paid the villagers to reenact the "Contest" episode of Seinfeld.
1.4s" am out. Huh?
2.59sI am out. I have pleasured myself.
3.73sDad, I've had enough of you taking advantage of these people.
3.46sFor God's sake, the woman playing Elaine is a high priestess.
2.53sYou can't spare one square?
3.37sI don't have to take that from you. I'm the richest guy in town.
2.7sDad, don't you see? This is a wonderful place...
3.09sand you're just using it to escape from your problems at home.