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3.09sI must really be... in hell!
2.55sNo, Mr. Smith, you're not in heaven or hell.
2sYou're on an airplane.
3.42sThere's a gremlin destroying the plane! You've gotta believe me!
2.75sWhy should I believe you? You're Hitler!
3.5sNo! Eva Braun, help me!
3.59sSaw it comin'. I just saw something incredibly cool--
3.77sa big floating ball that lit up with every color in the rainbow,
1.97splus some new ones that were so beautiful...
3.02sI fell to my knees and cried.
0.64sWas it out in front of Discount Shoe Outlet?
2.52sThey have a college kid wear that to attract customers.
3.12sWell, I don't care if it was just some dork in a costume.
3.15sFor one brief moment, I felt the heartbeat of creation,