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2.27sYeah. You can't shut us down.
3.77sThe Internet is about the free exchange and sale of other people's ideas.
4.15sWe've done nothing wrong. Help! I'm being held prisoner!
1.87sWha-- Someone in trouble is.
4.97sNo! Stay out. There's a-- a guy goin' for the Tetris world record in there.
0.42sWho are you?
1.18sDon't hurt us.
3.72sHelp me. They've been holding me prisoner for 800 years.
3.7sThe real Lucy Liu, the one you can see a movie of in the popcorn stadium.
2.03sSo what's your problem?
3.04sThose sweaty nerds are making illegal copies of us.
2.73sOw! It hurts!
2.04sOpen this door!
2.13sDon't make me call the maintenance guy.
2.07sIt's a bluff. We can't take that chance.