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3.84sAw, geez! Will ya stifle there, meat bag?
0.39sYou stifle, Bender.
2.17sFinally, you're standing up to him.
2.12sAlthough he is completely right.
3.6sWe've got to stem this tidal wave of moral decay.
3.87sIt's time to shut down
0.46sWho's in charge of this dump?
2.36sThat'd be me.
3.1sIf you're an investor, you can dump your money in the hole there.
0.62sListen, you fat Internet nerd.
2.5sYour company promotes wrong love.
4.22sIf you don't shut down right now, the only thing wired about you will be your jaw.
2.27sYeah. You can't shut us down.
3.77sThe Internet is about the free exchange and sale of other people's ideas.
4.15sWe've done nothing wrong. Help! I'm being held prisoner!
1.87sWha-- Someone in trouble is.
4.97sNo! Stay out. There's a-- a guy goin' for the Tetris world record in there.