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1.9sBender, this is Fry's decision.
3.6sAnd he made it wrong, so it's time for us to interfere in his life.
2.09sShe doesn't really love you. She can't.
2.94sShe's just a machine that-- Stay away from our women!
2.65sYou've got metal fever, boy! Metal fever!
3.44sWell, so what if I love a robot? It's not hurting anybody.
2.97sMy God! He never took middle school hygiene.
2.25sHe never saw the propaganda film.
4.44sIt's just lucky I keep a copy in the VCR at all times.
2.6sOrdinary human dating.
3.64sIt's enjoyable, and it serves an important purpose.
2.87sBut when a human dates an artificial mate,
3.04sthere is no purpose, only enjoyment.
3.09sAnd that leads to... tragedy.