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2.2sand boy bands roamed the earth?
2.6sYeah, but now it's the distant future.
2.6sWhy aren't we out doing everything I ever dreamed of?
3.54sHey, you know what might be a hoot? No. Why would I know that?
2sLet's take the rest of the morning off...
2.64sand take Fry to do everything he ever wanted to do.
1.65sExcept that.
3.95sSo's your fantasies has always been to destroys a planet, huh?
2.62sYeah. What did they ever do for me?
4.67sWow. The most humdrum activities seem almost exciting through your eyes.
2.84sWhat should we do next? I wanna see the edge of the universe.
2.1sOoh! That sounds cool.
2.03sIt's funny. You live in the universe,
3.17sbut you never do these things till someone comes to visit.
3.3sThere it is, the edge of the universe.