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1.97sbut I don't hear a dob.
1.98sOh. Uh, there it is.
1.92sYou're lucky he's still alive.
2.47sThis freezer is an attractive nuisance.
2.99sjust look at all that ice cream. It's damn near irresistible.
1.93sWell, we better leave him in there.
4.07sMoving him now could kill him and tire us out. Check it out!
0.44sA freezer geezer.
2.23sPlease, young customers,
3.59signore the frozen gentleman, and return to your impulse buying.
2.59sAw, but we wanna stare at the ice dude.
0.65sWe'll give ya a buck.
3.04sNo. This is a convenience store,
2.18snot a freak show.
1.67sCome one, come all.
2.47sSee the amazing frozen man.
4.67sAlso gaze at the Frito found in a bag of Doritos.
3.35sMarvel at the floor that just won't come clean!
3.67sDear Log: My worst fears have been confirmed.
4.05sI've hit my mental and creative peak at the tender age of eight.