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2.03sOh, yeah. Okay.
2.87sUh, this is your second cousin Stanley.
2.87sUm, I shoot birds at the airport.
2.62sEverybody hates birds, right?
2.47sWell, you look pretty successful.
2.63sThanks. I play a millionaire at parties.
1.93sAt least I'd like to.
4.04sYou probably should have researched this first, eh, Dad?
4.5sWhat about you? Well, sir, I step in front of cars and sue the drivers.
1.9sI beg celebrities for money.
2.45sI'm a prison snitch. jug band manager.
2.09sMy legs hurt.
4.65sOh, Lisa's right. We're nothing but a big bunch of losers.
2.17sShow's over, folks. Go home!
3.47sWhat about our five bucks? You get it after you leave. Now get outta here.
3.5sWait a minute, Homer. You didn't ask everybody. What about the women?
1.75sFine, fine.
3.27sWhat do you do, "Dr. Simpson"?