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1.67sThat man was Glenn Quagmire.
3.52sAnd two short months later, this is what happened to Joan Van Ark.
0.92s(GASPS) Oh!
1.37sOh, my God!
1.67sI don't want this to happen to you, Meg.
2.54sI don't want you to turn into a hilarious photograph.
1.3sDad, I know what you're trying to do,
2.44sand I want you to stop it. Mom!
1.03sWhat is it, Meg?
1.6sMom, tell Dad to leave me alone.
3.19sI'm 18, and he keeps treating me like a kid.
3.3sPeter, I told you not to push her about this Quagmire thing.
2.7sIf you push too hard, you're going to push her right into his arms.
1.4sWell, what am I supposed to do?
4.04sThis is a big game Meg is playing and the only way to win is not to play it.
1.12sIs that a WarGames reference?
1.27sMight be.
1.94s- You know WarGames? - Yeah.
1.57sStill finding out new stuff about you.
1.53sThat's the adventure.