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2.84sHey, gang, got room for one more right in the middle of you two?
2.59sCome on, scooch apart, there. Oh, What's this?
2.35sQuagmire's cell phone? Well, now that you're with Meg,
2.9syou don't need to be talking to Backbush anymore.
4.54sOh, and I'll send a text to Possible Nipple Ring saying you're off the market.
3.27s(BEEPS) You're Possible Nipple Ring?
2.17sAll right, well, I better send a text to Backbush.
2.74s(CELL PHONE BUZZES) Oh, come on. I'm Backbush?
1.57sThis can't be a surprise to you, Peter.
3.14sYeah, I knew. I just didn't know you knew.
1.47sOkay, what compound is this?
1.17sThat's sodium chloride.
1.23sThat's right. How about this one?
1.2sHydrogen peroxide.
2.2sGod, you're so smart. How about this one?
3.1s"QM2"? I'm not sure what that is.
3.2sIt's Quag-megium. It's the strongest compound on Earth.
3.67sNothing can separate it. It has an atomic weight of awesome.
2.27sYou're such a cutie patootie.
2.64sIf I'm a cutie patootie, then you're a peenie-vageenie.
2.17sI heard a cute "aw" in there. Cool down!