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1.67sMexico! Mexico!
1.55sHey, is this beach topless?
2.54sNo, but my margarita's bottomless.
1.73sMexico! Mexico!
3.69sI'm totally gonna wear a sombrero all the time when I get back home.
1.07sMe, too.
1.88sMexico! Mexico!
2.62sThat cute guy's been staring at you all night.
1.5sOh, my God.
2.57sI'm going to go take a dump now, so I don't have to later.
2.54sMexico! Mexico!
2.19sHey, you want to see my pictures from Mexico?
2.74sLook, Janine, I just... This is...
2.8sI can't with you anymore. It's all the time.
2.77sThis is a job. Please take off that silly hat.
3.37s(PHONE RINGS) WOMAN: Mexico!
1.9sI... I can't talk right now.
1.93sYou okay? Yeah, babe.
3.44sI got to pee, but I don't want to move. I'm so comfortable right now.
1.3sI can pause it.
3.19sI guess you could pause it... But you can't pause me!
1.02sFast forward. Fast forward. Fast forward.