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4.7sSo, anyway, I'm on approach into Lambert Field in some of the worst turbulence I've ever flown through.
2.07sI mean, I have never seen anything like it.
3.7sEveryone in the cabin was like, "Aah!" But I kept my cool,
2.27sand I trusted my training and brought the plane in safely,
2.1sand in fact, it turned out, ironically,
2.37sto be one of the smoothest landings I've ever made.
2sWell, gosh, Quagmire, this has been a fun night,
2.2sbut I guess, you better be getting home now, huh?
1.2sYeah, it is getting late.
1.8sI guess I'll go home and rub out a giggity.
2.1sTake it easy, you guys. See you later, Meg.
1.52sOkay, that was weird. That was weird.
1.35sRight? Oh, my God, so weird.
1.53sI tell you something, if he touches my daughter,
2.07sI'm gonna be kicking butts and taking names!