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3.19sA scented candle? As a girl, I love this!
1.93sThat was originally $30.
1.3sThanks, Mr. Quagmire.
1.88sWell, it's your 18th birthday, Meg.
2.43sThat's a very important milestone in a young girl's...
2.03sI mean, a young woman's life.
2.6sHey, welcome to the adult club, huh? And you know what?
3.32sYou got another member right next door if you ever want to talk and stuff.
1.28sHappy birthday.
2.67sHey... Hey, where's that pinky going, huh?
3.5sWhere's he going? What's he doing? Get back here.
1.59sThere you go.
2.05sLook at Quagmire hitting on that skank.
1.7sYou know he's gonna close the deal.
1.82sPeter, that skank is your daughter.
1.34sOh, my God, you're right!
2.47sYou know, Meg, I'd love to see you without your hat on.