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3.04sWe love you and we just never want to see you hurt.
2.44sI only wish I'd seen what was going on from the start,
1.23slike your father did.
1.93sWell, I know the signs,
2.02sbecause the same thing happened to me.
3sAn older neighbor. Her name was Elaine.
3.84sI was 18 and my body was firm from push-ups and sit-ups.
3.24sI was stunning. But while my body was mature,
2.04sI had the mind of a 12-year-old.
3.1sElaine invited me over with the promise of pie.
4.94sLittle did I know this would lead to an eight-year-long psychosexual entanglement.
1.1sShe's probably dead now.
1.77sLife's funny sometimes.
1.6sAnd, scene.