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1.5sThat's insane.
1.97sWha... What is going on over here? What...
3.2sAre we taking our shirts off now? Okay, follow the leader.
1.5sCome on, Peter, hurry.
1.35sWait, wait, hold on, hold on, hold on.
5.04s(LOON CALLING) Listen to that. It's a loon. That's beautiful.
2.07sYou know, we ought to get a "fuck cabin" up here.
1.75sPeter, we're wasting time.
3.07sQuagmire's in there about to have sex with our daughter.
2.35sThat son of a bitch. Let's... Wait a minute.
1.03sDo you hear that?
1.1sI don't hear anything.
1.2sI know.
1.03sIsn't it bliss?
1.75sPeter, let's go!
1.95sMmm. Thanks for the ice cream, Glenn.
2.8sAnd you're right, somehow it does taste better in my underpants.
2.04sYeah, it's like being at the beach, huh?