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1.84sStrike four, Jelly Jealouson.
1.63sThe other was my sister.
3.07s(SIGHS) - It's so nice up here. I know.
3.35sI love the way the fire makes the shadows dance around behind us.
4.04sOne time, my friends and I went camping and nobody could start a campfire.
2.94sAnd then I tried to start the campfire, and I could.
1.5sThat's insane.
1.97sWha... What is going on over here? What...
3.2sAre we taking our shirts off now? Okay, follow the leader.
1.5sCome on, Peter, hurry.
1.35sWait, wait, hold on, hold on, hold on.
5.04s(LOON CALLING) Listen to that. It's a loon. That's beautiful.
2.07sYou know, we ought to get a "fuck cabin" up here.
1.75sPeter, we're wasting time.
3.07sQuagmire's in there about to have sex with our daughter.