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1.1sLois. LOIS.
1.8sGod, It's like moving a futon.
2sJust slide your leg over! Peter, pleaSE!
1sOhh! Ohh!
1.27sWell, Lois,
2.6sat least one of us is in the Mile-High Club.
2.57sWell, the hijacking of Flight 52 is over.
5.99sThe plane has safely landed in Cuba, and all Americans aboard are on their way home with the exception of one couple,
3.17sA fat man who is inexplicably married to an attractive redhead.
2.95sHere's an artist rendering of what they might look like.
1.15sWell, I just called Brian.
1.8sHe's gonna watch the kids till we get back.
1.97sWhen will our passports arrive?
1.38sCheck back in 2 weeks.
2.32s2 weeks? But I have a baby at home!
2.52sWe would have sent you back with the other passengers,
2.53sbut, uh, we didn't know you were stuck in the bathroom.
1.79sWe weren't doing what you're thinking.
0.93s- I was. - Hmm.
1.45sWe apologize for the hijacking.
1.4sAh, That's ok.
3.14sy'know, You people are nothing like the Communists they show on T.V.