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1.4s- Peter! - Lois!
3.75sYou convinced me to keep a job I hate just so you could fly free?
1.93sYou know, If I talked real loud like that,
1.77sI could make you look like the bad guy, too.
7.29sMy feet are killing me, I've got vomit in my pocket and I've seen that crappy Julia Roberts movie 47 times!
1.7sHave you seen the lips on that woman?
1.97slike a baboon's ass on her face!
2.35sPeter, I took this job for the excitement,
2.43sand you're the one who's havin' it all!
2.13sOh, It's excitement you want, eh?
3.17sWell, How would you like to join the Mile-High Club? Come on.
1.3sYou'll be the stewardess,
3.5sand I'll be the mysterious stranger who's drillin' ya.
2.12sugh, Move! I have a lot of work to do.
1.38sI can't. I'm stuck.
1.27sPeter, the passengers need me.