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3.2sYou make me feel so young
3.69sYou make me feel there are songs to be sung
4.34sBells to be rung, And a wonderful fling to be flung
3.47sAnd even when I'm old and gray
4.57sI'm going to feel the way I do today
4.74sbecause you make me feel so young
1.43sExcuse me?
1.37sI said, "May I have a blanket?"
1.73sOh, yes. Of course.
2.97sHa! I really said "Will you be my wife?" and you said yes,
2.29sso now it is official. Let me touch your face!
2.22sLois, we could use your help in Coach.
1.15sOk, e-everyone,
1.87sit's time for my one-man show,
3.24sWinston Churchill, We Hardly Knew Ye.
4.1sOk, Act 1. "I'm Winston Churchill. Ooh.