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1.4sShh, I didn't say anything.
2.24sGo to sleep, crazy lady.
2.14sOh, Rupert, I can't sleep.
2.2sI don't suppose you have any Valium on you?
3.22sDuh. No, Of course not. You're living the clean life now.
3.32sIt's that pathetic little insect in daycare, Janet.
3.04sWhining, insignificant wisp of fluff, she is.
3.4sStill, I find it rather odd that she's even on my mind at all.
1.69sWhat the deuce has come over me?
2.27sWell, well, well.
1.97sLooks like someone's in love.
2.4sHa! That's so funny I forgot to laugh,
2.3sexcluding that first "ha."
2.6sUh-huh. Face it, you're a sucker for a woman with blue eyes.
1.48sAha! Her eyes are green!
1.52sAha! Thank you for proving my point.
1.38sLook at her, Leonard.
2.77sSitting there with her--her curly ebony locks,
2sand those pouty, come-hither lipS.
1.4sMy God, she's unappealing!
1.6sWho said that? Hmm?