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1.57sOh, my God!
3.27sThe actress who was the girl in Escape from Witch Mountain!
2.67sWell, maybe a part-time job would liven up your days.
2.64sBrian! That's a terrific idea!
1.1sA job?
2sLois, the '70s are over. Forget it.
1.23sMom, you can't get a job.
1.82sThe last time you left Dad home alone,
2she turned the house into a giant puppet.
3.79sHey! Hey! Stay out of herE! HEy!
4.07sNobody better come in here. I'm the Griffins' house.
2.5sBring me a tool shed, for I am hungry.
3sI-If you get a job, who's gonna feed me,
3.1sand protect me from the evil monkey in my closet?
2.48sNow Chris, you know there's no such thing.
1.97sNo! Ahh, ha ha!
1.87sAw, Now you've gone and upset the boy.
2.87sPeter, this is a new chapter in my life.
2.47sThe--The kids are growing, the nest is empty,