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2.95sThe Griffin boy just killed a plastic reindeer!
3.6sGladys, it took me 2 hours to work up the courage to rent this porno.
2.23sNow are you gonna watch it with me or not?
1.13sOk, honey.
2.49sMommy's leaving you here for a little while.
2.2sTry to play nice with the other children.
1.68sWhat do you mean you're leaving me here?
0.95sWhat is this place?
1.48sComE on. Let go.
1.97sWhy, you soulless witch!
2.23sThis is a biogenetic experimentation facility,
1.57sisn't it? Admit it!
2.13sOh, sweetheart, don't be upset.
2.37sYou're gonna have fun herE.
3.69sLook, I-If this is about the whole "me killing you" thing, it was a bit.
2.27sI was doing shtick, I tell you!