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2.2sWould you like to join the Black Market Club?
1.97s10 percent off your first purchase.
2.35sNo, thank you. We're not from the area.
2.34sPeter, just pay the man.
2.13sDo you accept bits of string?
1.38sSorry. Store policy.
2.73sBut you know, there is another way for you to travel.
1.94sIt's over, Leonard.
2.7sI suppose I should be grateful to that saucy harlot.
2.24sShe taught me a valuable lesson.
1.67sThere's really no such thing as love.
1.7sIt's just a puffed-up word,
4.17sused by Madison Avenue to sell their skin creams and 2-seater cars.
1.33sOh, it's no use!
1.8sShe swims in my blood now.
2.09sI must have her!
2.54sDarling, why are we tormenting ourselves like this?
1.5sWe're perfect for each other.
4.05sI admit we've got our problems, like any couple, but true love conquers all!
1.52sI like you.
1.97sYou like me?
2.27sOh, Well, it's not love, but it's a start!
3.02sOh, Janet, you've made me the happiest man in the whole world!