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2.69sOh, hello, Janet. Yes--Yes, you know Melinda.
1.43sYes, it seems she's, um...
1.23sOh, What did we figure out, dear?
1.5sWas it--was it 1? No, 2.
2.49sYes, she's 2 weeks younger than you.
2.84sJust look at that butt! That is a tight butt!
2.59sDamn! Not even a second glance!
2.09sThis is what you call "dolled up"?
6.41sListen, why don't you save yourself years of sexual ambiguity and get fitted for a pair of Doc Martens and a plaid flannel shirt?
2.6sThere it is! The black market!
2.18sLois, if we don't make it out of here alive,
1.4si--I should tell ya,
3.74si--i--I promised my first girlfriend we'd meet up in Heaven. I--I was lyin'.
3.2sBut--but Just so you know, it's something we might have to deal with.